Do you have a project to invest?

Today I got an e-mail:

“Dear Sir

do u sell club ? or have project to invest ?

let me know. we are high interested


It was from Kazakhstan. Amusing; I looked up the company (Kulibayev Conglomerate) and unsurprisingly it was a scam.

A few hours later I had a meeting with an acquaintance. They were excited about a new project which they kept saying had funding from the Middle East. It sounded suspicious; a too good to be true opportunity. Mysterious investors from the almighty Middle East (“Rich people! Oil money!”) willing to fund a brand new business.

I asked to see the e-mail chain; it was clearly a scam. The e-mail says for new projects they’re willing to invest 1 million to 500 million dollars. Most suspicious, there was an abundance of words with capitalization that was unnecessary.

In short: Proper capitalization matters.


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