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Windows Phone 8

Yesterday Microsoft revealed the features for its upcoming Windows Phone 8 system.

Unsurprisingly, current Windows Phone 7 devices won’t be able to run Windows Phone 8.  However the biggest “look & feel” upgrade is the change to the Live Tiles on the start screen.  Thankfully this feature will be delivered to existing WP7 devices… as “Windows Phone 7.8.”

Live Tiles on Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 has a good summary of Windows Phone 8 features.


A Cat and Sushi

Another night of insomnia.  Maybe it was the sugar in the whisky or the oil in the chicken rice, who knows what but I haven’t slept.  The sun is past rising and I am beyond tired.

I pimped out my cat recently.

Frank SSB

He looks to be in blissful sleep.  I am envious.