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One for Friday

Since it’s Friday it’s time for a happy video.

Coder girl

Where do I meet a girl like this?

“Feels like my first Hello World cuz… she’s my coder girl.”

Though from this rap I suppose the only thing she demonstrates is that she can sit quietly and write code.

Singapore government scholarship bonds

In the US I never heard of anyone having a scholarship bond.

I can’t begin to understand it – at age 18 committing to 8 years of a job or company before you have even attended university.

One former scholarship holder looks back on her experience.

If you’re considering a government scholarship bond, this is a must-read.



‘Sometimes I think I flew to the wrong place. Mars was always my favourite as a kid and it still is today.’

MICHAEL COLLINS, Apollo 11 astronaut who orbited the moon while Edwin Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walked on it, 40 years ago

(from the Straits Times, Sunday 7/26/09)

The future as predicted by Epcot

I’m a huge fan of everything Disney.  When I was young my family purchased the “Three Season Salute” and it let us go to any Disneyworld theme park unlimited times for three months out of the year.  I must have gone to Epcot Center over 50 times during my youth in Florida.

A couple days ago I found an article fact-checking 5 Epcot rides that predicted the future.

I miss the traffic simulation game at Communicore East and the smell of fresh oranges that drifted out of the farm scene in Horizons.

Epcot Center 

I remember always wanting to leap out of the ride and live with the futuristic families depicted in Spaceship Earth and Horizons.  They looked so happy.

Bill Gates remembers 1979

Bill Gates wrote down some of his memories of 1979 and submitted it to the Gizmodo ‘79 celebration.

How sweet.


“More important, of course, is the fact that more than a billion people around the world use computers and digital technology as an integral part of their day-to-day lives. That’s something that really started to take shape in 1979.”

FSJ on Twitter

One of the joys from the past few weeks is the return of Fake Steve Jobs (Dan Lyons).

His mix of biting humor, tech savvy, and industry knowledge make for entertaining reading.

Bionic Fake Steve Jobs

Regarding Twitter:

“Twitter guys: You are a bunch of hapless half-wits, and now you’re hypocrites, too. Also, fwiw, your product is not a product — it’s a feature. There’s a difference. Your only way out is to be bought by someone who will add your feature to whatever they make. Yes, maybe you’ll have a zillion billion members by 2020. Lot of people use email and IM software, too. Have you heard of any email companies that are taking in a billion dollars a year selling email? Know any billion-dollar IM companies? Yeah, I didn’t think so. But keep gelling your hair into those ridiculous shapes and telling yourselves you’re the next Larry and Sergey. And keep pitching those crazy spreadsheets to VCs, and maybe they’ll keep you alive for another few years, you twats.”

From his Monday Roundup


We’re pretty much all the same.


Via xkcd

Appropriate for a Monday morning.

Dance uncle!

At 37 seconds the awesomeness begins.

From the always wonderful Sara Wee and 53A.

Sara Wee, singer for 53A

Listless haiku


Days blend together

The eyes grow heavy with age

I woke up alone