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SkyDrive enhancements

I’m not sure why SkyDrive hasn’t gotten as much praise as it deserves.  25 gigabytes of free storage on the internet.  What’s not to like?

The SkyDrive team has been continually adding new features and improving the interface.  The latest changes are rolling out now.

Read what’s improved.

You can access SkyDrive from


Visual effects

This is amazing.  I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to plan out one of these shots.  How do you get the angles right?  How do you even decide which parts are real and which will be on green-screen?

We All Go Back To Where We Belong

R.E.M.’s new single is out.  Lovely video starring Kirsten Dunst.

They’re going out on a high note.

Transformation of Seattle’s tech scene

If I were to move back to Seattle I think I’d enjoy living in the South Lake Union neighborhood. I visited a friend there in July; that part of the city has really been spruced up!

Sounds like a lot of startup buzz is flowing through there too.


Good essay about ultra-successful people and how they made the most of their lucky moments.

What’s Luck Got to Do With It?