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Learn to Code

Seems like every day you hear about people becoming app developers.  Then you think, “Hey, I can do that too!”

A few start-ups are focused on making the learning process fun, and they’re raising big bucks to get their companies going.

Here are 3 startups in this spaceTreehouse, Codecademy, and Code School.

I find it interesting that two are located in Orlando, Florida.  Maybe if they’re successful at teaching more people to code, that will one day lead to a mini startup boom in the sunshine state!


You can take the guy out of the Mcdonalds…

But you can’t take the Mcdonalds out of the guy.

The annual festival of fast food has begun!

Kickstarted it yesterday with not one but two meals provided by Mcdelivery.  What a stupendous world-changing moment it must have been when the first person came up with the idea of food delivery.  “I want food… but I don’t want to make it… and I don’t want to go out into the wild to get it…”

Admittedly I wake up today feeling like my blood has turned into something synthetic and the leftover apple pie tasting rubbery (breakfast!) but that’s part of the full Mcdonalds experience.

Soon it will be time for house-visiting and gorging on things that are unhealthier than fast food. Bak kwa and pineapple tarts!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year!

They say that what you do on the first day of the new year is reflective of how the rest of the year will go.

So I will sleep in, read a book, eat good food, and spend time with the people I like.

Pretty simple!

Red Packet

Here’s to a happy start to the Dragon year!

SkyDrive + Office

Fun little video that makes using SkyDrive and Office look like a breeze for collaboration.  Now I just need some friends to go make a document with so I can test this out!


The Youtube comments on the video are hilarious, so if you want some laughs go dive through them!

Generation Flux

“The future of business is pure chaos. Here’s how you can survive–and perhaps even thrive.” – catchy subheading!

Meet the Pioneers of The New (and Chaotic) Frontier of Business