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At my university graduation I was one of the student speakers.  I spoke about positive greed, how it was a motivator.  One line I uttered (in front of thousands, I may add) was “What’s mine, is mine.  What’s yours will soon be mine.”

Over the years I’ve mellowed a bit.

I’m older now.  I know what I enjoy, and I know what I want.

The clock is a-tickin’.  No more wasting time.


Christmas 2009


Merry Christmas, kids
I wish I was young and free
But now is good too

New gadgets

The past week has brought me two new “gadgets.”

The big purchase was the HTC HD2– it’s a Windows Phone running Windows Mobile 6.5. However before you scream and run away in fear, HTC has developed their own user interface and masked most of the hideous parts of WinMo 6.5.  Microsoft should have featured this phone during the WinMo launch as it’s gorgeous and… dare I say it… a worthy competitor to the iPhone. (According to this article HD2 beats iPhone)


Check out the ZDNet Review

Last night I hooked up (can one “hook up” something that’s wireless?) my new Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000.  This is my first new keyboard for the PC in 6 years.  It’s amazing how much a new keyboard can improve the computing experience.

Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 

Merry Christmas to me!  I will assign these as presents to myself…

Who runs the world?

Fake Steve Jobs (Dan Lyons) continues with his brilliant writing and insight.

Corporations can be wankers

“It was all just one big swindle, and the only kind of engineering that matters anymore is financial engineering.”

Beijing Haiku

Beijing, what happened?
Your bicycles disappeared
It’s cold and gray now.