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Message for charity

We all instant message. It has become a routine part of life. Wake up in the morning, log onto messenger. Get into the office, log onto messenger. Come home at night, log into messenger. (Though not always appearing online – I like the appear offline feature quite a lot).

Did you know that Microsoft donates money to charity when you use Windows Live Messenger? Set up your messenger name to contribute to a cause. Next time your parents yell at you to get off the computer and stop wasting time chatting with friends, you can tell them that you’re busy saving the world and can’t believe they would be so inconsiderate!

I was reading about the experience this woman went through when she learned she has an 87% chance of getting cancer.

One of the causes that you can donate Microsoft’s money to is the Susan G. Komen For The Cure, a leader in the fight against breast cancer. Other organizations include, Unicef, and


I am in the market for a new laptop.

Any recommendations? I’ve been thinking about the Toshiba R500, the Dell XPS M1530, and the MacBook Pro (15 inch).


Recently I’ve been throwing more money at the stock market. I use the term “throw money at” since it evokes an image of dollar bills fluttering all around while the target stands in the middle and watches the bills fall to the ground. I believe I’m single-handedly responsible for the rebound the market has undergone the past 3 days. Why? Because that’s when I finally decided to buy into funds that short the Hong Kong market and the S&P500. Try to profit on the sinking market! That idea has turned around and punched me in the gut. Good thing money is running out, this means I won’t be able to afford food and will lose a little weight.

Speaking of the stock market and gambling, I am going to Macau for a quick trip to see family. Staying at the new Venetian hotel. I hope it is as grand and interesting as the Las Vegas one and that the gamblers are a little more social than the normal players you find in Macau. My memory of last year’s trip was of grungy looking older folks communicating via cigarette smoke rings and inarticulate snorting. No one drinks alcohol, no one talks to the dealer, everyone just looks at their money. It’s all about win, win, win. Shows? Restaurants? Ambience? Who needs them!

It’s Raining McCain

So I’m back after a long weekend getaway.

This video is not what I needed to see on a Monday morning return to work:

I prefer Obama Girl…

N.Y. Governors have fidelity issues

“I think we have a marriage like many Americans, maybe even like many of you,” the governor told reporters. “Elected officials are really just reflections of the people we represent.” – David Paterson, the new New York governor that just replaced Eliot Spitzer (who resigned after his prostitution scandal surfaced).  I feel offended that David Paterson would try to spin his revelation of past affairs into a reflection of what people’s marriages may or may not be like.

I found this amusing:

“Paterson and the other woman sometimes stayed at a Days Inn on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the governor said, adding that his Albany staff sometimes stayed there as well when they were in the city.” – Not a far cry from the Hotel 81’s here in Singapore. :)

How the Iraq War is changing US military officers

Newsweek has an interesting article about how military officers are adjusting their tactics to deal with the violence in Iraq.

“But Wright is not the warrior he expected to be or that he was first trained to be. When he became a young infantry officer out of West Point in 2000, he entered an Army whose mission was to win wars by overwhelming force. This was the Army that blasted its way into Baghdad in less than three weeks in the spring of 2003. It is also the Army whose guns-blazing tactics helped fuel an angry insurgency, and that quickly became bogged down—worn, bloodied and baffled—by IEDs and street fighting in Iraq.”

By the way, US nears 4,000 dead in Iraq.


Tomorrow (Monday) morning, 9 AM on the Dan and Young show.


I am on what Dan has dubbed “The Electric Chair.”  I assume this implies that they will be grilling me with “tough” questions.  Since I’m not a politician or anyone of any substantial importance, I’m not sure what kind of tough questions these are going to be.  I probably will not be discussing my opinion of the Iraq War, whether someone needs to be held accountable for Mas Selamat’s escape, or the incredibly stupid taxi stand rule.  Instead, I bet they will ask me, “Do you really believe that you shouldn’t date girls that live further than 10 minutes away from you?”

I hope it will be amusing.  Have a listen if you’re free.

Comedy gold

There is nothing funnier than real people’s behavior and passions.

If I was Hillary Clinton, I would ask this supporter to please move to the Republican party.

“We need a cleaning in that White House, and we need a woman to clean it up.  And that woman is Hillary Rodham Clinton!”

“We don’t need no bling!  All we gotta do is sing!  We don’t need no bling!  We got the real thing!”

“Let’s get loud…!”

How does Apple get those designs?

Senior engineering manager, Michael Lopp, from Apple discussed how the company comes up with their extremely palatable designs.

Seems rather straightforward, and I think many companies have a similar process… but just fail somewhere along the execution…

Hello!  There are 3 episodes left of  If you’re not aware of what it is, it’s a discussion show on Channel News Asia (new episodes Thursday nights at 8:30 pm in Singapore, varying times around the region – and then reruns over the course of the week).  The topics are geared towards young adults and have included whether one can grow old in Singapore, what’s it like to be a young risk-taker / entrepreneur, whether the Yellow Ribbon Project has been a success, and more.  You can watch past episodes as well as see what was discussed on the Shoutbox, the hosts’ (Phin Wong and myself) written opinions, and the behind-the-scenes photos and videos – all at the archive.

Tonight’s episode focuses on whether Singapore is a nation of overachievers.  The context is there are so many #1’s and accolades in Singapore… greatest airport, greatest airline, busiest port, first ever Formula 1 night race, and now also the host for the first ever Youth Olympics to be held in 2010.  Guests on the show are Teo Ser Luck (Parliamentary Secretary for the MInistry of Community Development, Youth, and Sports), Ravi Veloo (Managing Director of the Media Campus – and an individual with constructive criticism of the government), and Fergus Kuek (ex-National Swimmer and current law student at NUS).

Join live for an online chat during each new episode at the Shoutbox.  The show starts at 8:30 pm but we’ll be online starting from 8.