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70 years

70 years of tending bar. That’s dedication.

And not some fancy schmancy destination “lounge” but a good old neighborhood bar.

We need more of those in Singapore.

95 year old bartender


The universe conspires?

Blind hope and good luck

The Alchemist is a farce
Paulo Coelho lies


Anna Quindlen’s almost-delivered commencement address.  (She ended up sending it by e-mail since people wanted to protest against her at the ceremony).


There will be hundreds of people out there with your same degree; there will be thousands of people doing what you want to do for a living. But you will be the only person alive who has sole custody of your life. Your particular life. Your entire life. Not just your life at a desk, or your life on a bus, or in a car, or at the computer. Not just the life of your minds, but the life of your heart. Not just your bank account, but your soul.

Get a life. A real life, not a manic pursuit of the next promotion, the bigger paycheck, the larger house. Do you think you’d care so very much about those things if you blew an aneurysm one afternoon, or found a lump in your breast? Get a life in which you notice the smell of salt water pushing itself on a breeze over Seaside Heights, a life in which you stop and watch how a red-tailed hawk circles over the water gap or the way a baby scowls with concentration when she tries to pick up a cheerio with her thumb and first finger.

No man ever said on his deathbed I wish I had spent more time at the office.

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This week’s horoscope

Libra (courtesy of 8 Days magazine)

Even very minor events are likely to shape your life in the next few months. You’ll be developing as yet undreamt of dimensions to your character, so follow your intuition. The whole financial position is about to change, for the better.

O Brother, Can you Spare me some toner?

For those of you with Brother printers, you may be frustrated with the seemingly quick “Low toner” or “Replace drum” warnings.

These messages may occur even when you could print 1,000 more pages at the same high quality!

Masking tape gives toner a second life – from a review on


Zune HD

Here’s one reason to look forward to the next trip to the US… the Zune HD.

Zune HD Grand Tour


12 minute short-film.  Been around on the internet for awhile but always nice to watch when you feel the world going gray.

As I pack

As I prepare to take a 17 hour flight to Seattle, destroying my back, health, and sanity, I thought I would leave you all with this photo.

North Korea’s fearless leader and America’s former President, Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton and Kim Jong Il

See you on the other side of the Pacific.