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Crack Comedy –

Got a group of people with too much time on their hands?  Give them some cameras, feed them caffeine, and see what ensues.

Crack Comedy has started on  New episodes every week!

One of the punches in the trailer was for real.  See if you can guess which one.

Where the Hell is Matt?

I think every person in this wonderful video was very happy.

Matt is the guy who created this.

There was a viewpoint from Matt’s “About” page that I wish more people would learn:

“Matt was a very poor student and never went to college. When he got older, he was pleased to discover that no one actually cares. Matt doesn’t want to imply that college is bad or anything. He’s just saying is all. There’s other ways to fill your head.”

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Heavy-handed toe

I love the heavy-handedness of Singapore.


This decaying foot of a diabetic patient – too big to be missed – sits at Raffles Place. The installation is part of the Diabetes Education Campaign organised by the Health Promotion Board.”

Nothing helps enliven a good work day in the business core like a black rotten toe. I like how there is a small child frolicking about in the photo.

Wired will miss Bill Gates

Wired Magazine has a nice timeline about Bill Gates’ life so far.

Bill Gates once starred in a Coke commercial.

Going to the desert in July

Anyone been to Dubai?  Recommendations on places to see?  Types of food to try?  I will be there for 4 days in July (hello blazing heat!).

Thinking about heading down to Oman after the Dubai work trip however am unsure whether that would be a wise thing to do given the incredibly hot weather.  From what I have been reading, it’s simply unbearable to be outside, and I would feel silly sitting going there simply to sit inside watching the hotel television.

It looks like Yahoo has agreed to a deal with Google.  This should be an end to the rubbish idea of joining Yahoo and Microsoft together.  I am happy about this.  Not that I think Yahoo’s people are untalented, I simply didn’t believe that the two companies could fit together.  Too much overlap, different technology stacks, etc.

Of course Fake Steve Jobs (writing under the guise of Jerry Yang), has an insanely funny entry regarding the recent debacle.

Some direction on Microsoft entertainment & Yahoo

Robbie Bach, President of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division, gave an interview regarding Xbox 360, Zune, Surface, and other consumer-related products.  Interesting to see what direction he is heading.

Is Carl Icahn about to lose a whole lot of money?  He is still trying to matchmake Microsoft and Yahoo.  I picture him as the type who plays with Barbie dolls… slamming the Ken figure into the Barbie figure and yelling, “Kiss, damn it!  Kiss!!  I command you!!”

John McCain’s wife

No, I’m not talking about Cindy McCain.  I’m referring to his first wife, Carol McCain.

More about Carol

Restaurants and tap water

Straits Times ran an article today about restaurants that refuse to serve tap water.  I refer to them as “restaurants I won’t eat at.”  Perfect that they have compiled a list!  I have added a couple to the list.

Restaurants that serve only bottled water

1. Coffee Club at Orchard Fountain Corner
2. Giraffe
3. Indulgz Bistro
4. La Forketta, which has two outlets
5. Lerk Thai Bistro, which has six outlets
6. Pier Eleven
7. Secret Recipe, which has 14 outlets
8. Hooters
9. The Station Kitchen

No one wants to date Singapore

The New York Times ran an article on the dating courses that are offered at various Singapore polytechnics.

Some excerpts:

“Over the past 25 years, the mating rituals organized by the government — tea dances, wine tastings, cooking classes, cruises, screenings of romantic movies — have been among the country’s least successful social engineering programs.”

“In 1991, for example, when the government began offering cash bonuses to couples with more than two children, the newspaper printed tips for having sex in the back seat of a car, including directions to some of the “darkest, most secluded and most romantic spots” for parking.”

“I’m not open to relationships in school,” said Wei Shan Koh, a former student who works as a teacher’s aide. “Boys in school are not my cup of tea. They are male chauvinist pigs. They’re annoying and childish. And they won’t give in to you. They’re just not mature.”

Read the article

Articles like this give the impression that Singapore is a prudish career-oriented country full of people that think the opposite sex has cooties…

Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee

After a prolonged fight, Barack Obama has garnered enough delegates to be the Democratic presidential nominee.  Yay!

The New York Times has an interesting character study of Obama.

If he wins, perhaps we will have Pax Obama.