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Do you have a project to invest?

Today I got an e-mail:

“Dear Sir

do u sell club ? or have project to invest ?

let me know. we are high interested


It was from Kazakhstan. Amusing; I looked up the company (Kulibayev Conglomerate) and unsurprisingly it was a scam.

A few hours later I had a meeting with an acquaintance. They were excited about a new project which they kept saying had funding from the Middle East. It sounded suspicious; a too good to be true opportunity. Mysterious investors from the almighty Middle East (“Rich people! Oil money!”) willing to fund a brand new business.

I asked to see the e-mail chain; it was clearly a scam. The e-mail says for new projects they’re willing to invest 1 million to 500 million dollars. Most suspicious, there was an abundance of words with capitalization that was unnecessary.

In short: Proper capitalization matters.


The secret of successful entrepreneurs

The ones who make it big are the ones that turn their 4 AM insomnia into results.

Just kidding. I felt like writing one of those lame inspirational sayings that are all over the internet. You know, the “What 3 traits do Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs share?” Type of posts.

(This keyboard for the iPad Pro forced me to capitalize the T in type; I couldn’t figure out how to change it so just left it. That’s the real 4 AM attitude of the brain for you).

The Personal Blog

Sometime within the past few years it looks like the idea of a personal blog changed. The day-to-day recording of life has been shortened into Instagram or Dayre posts while people with blogs seem to do more long-form writing. Wonder why that is. Perhaps it’s the adaptation of society to the short attention span, rapid-fire posting that the current tools of the web force upon us. Constant bursts of posts with little content.

In other topics, isn’t it funny how Instagram Stories came out and Snapchat lost a ton of users? Wonder how that’s going to affect their IPO.

Midnight Diner

Recently I’ve been watching shows like Black Mirror, Westworld, The Walking Dead, and others. All are very engaging, but the world is portrayed as a dark, joyless place.

Last night I was randomly browsing through the Netflix queue, and this show “Midnight Diner” popped up. I’m a sucker for anything that takes place in a restaurant, bar, or late at night, and mix in the displaced feelings that Japan creates, and it’s as if this show was tailored to me.

I watched five episodes in a row before going to bed; it’s the perfect show that gives you a hug and tuck-in so you get a good night’s rest.