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What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

I didn’t know Joseph Gordon-Levitt could sing.

NBA Forever

The NBA did a great job with this commercial; splicing in current superstars with legendary players from the past.

Christmas Eve 2011

For the first time in a long time, I got some deep sleep.  The secret formula to knock me out was red wine, pizza, and luncheon meat (known as Spam, for you Americans).  Pretty much everything the doctor recommends to stay away from.

I miss that waking feeling after a deep rest.  The dreams speckling away, the brain feeling like it was washed over.

2011 has been a tiring year, but I think all this effort has set up new opportunities for 2012.  Guess I’ll find out.

German bar

One of the memorable dining experiences for me this year was in Frankfurt, Germany.  I had a 24 hour layover on the way to New York, and since I had been to the city before I didn’t feel any pressure to see the traditional tourist sights.

I strolled around and eventually wandered into a bar by the hotel. It was 4 PM and there were three 60-some year olds having beers and chatting inside.

It was a simple place; you could choose to drink a Pilsner or… nothing else.  Which was great, sometimes we’re tired of making choices.  The food on offer was a small list of sausages.  Again, great.

There was no music, no TV.  I read on my Nook, drank my beer, and enjoyed currywurst.