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Oh you’re still here?

Did I actually forget I had a blog? Or maybe it’s just one of those things that sinks into the deep recesses of the mind, letting its words age with the sheen of lost youth.

A friend reminded me that I used to write here and that sent me down the oft-mentioned memory lane.

Nothing better than adding a soundtrack to reminiscence, and an earlier entry showcasing The 6ths made me think of Throwing Muses and their song, “Not Too Soon.” I wonder if it’s the song that holds my personal record for the number of times I listened to it in a row (I had a really long drive to school).

The original is fantastic, but I’ve found their (Tanya Donnelly’s) more recent performances of it. It reminds me of, well, life.

Gone are the sharp angles and edge. Everything softens with time. Still wonderful.


Sweet Jane

Digging through music I haven’t heard in a long time. Lots of old favorites that just fell out of rotation. Time to bring them back.

And with that, good night.

Up Against the Wall

I listened to this song all weekend.  It’s by Peter Bjorn and John.

Has half the year really passed?

What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

I didn’t know Joseph Gordon-Levitt could sing.

We All Go Back To Where We Belong

R.E.M.’s new single is out.  Lovely video starring Kirsten Dunst.

They’re going out on a high note.

The View

Great song by Modest Mouse.


Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

Coconut Records

Been listening to a lot of them (or is it just him – Jason Schwartzman?) recently.


One of my favorite songs. “West Coast.”


I like this song.


It’s by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Lyrics


I’ve been feeling an urge to write more. It’s been a quiet year in regards to updating this blog, but with the plethora of gadgets lately and a renewed interest in improving my dusty tech skills I think I’ll be posting more frequently.

It’s December already. My favorite time of year… the lead-up to Christmas. It’s too bad we don’t get any cold weather in Singapore. Perhaps the closest I can get to recreating a Seattle winter season is to walk down Orchard Road while eating an ice cream sandwich.

I’ve heard the Christmas decorations at Marina Bay outshine those of Orchard.

Exiting November I’ve been listening to a lot of the “Shout Out Louds.”


Are you coming home tonight?