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American Television

“Back in the day waiting for a sign to move
I got nothing to say, I got something to prove
Oh me, oh my, teenagers get bored
You look beautiful in 1994

I’m dreaming, it’s not a fantasy
Baby, I’m in love with reality
Give me joy, give me emotion
I can’t wait, i can’t wait, change the program
I’m watching American television” – from Ben Lee’s song “American Television”


Another trip to my former home of Seattle comes to an end.  Sitting in the hotel room, packing, and thinking about the long flight back to Singapore.

Windows Phone 7 Series

Hello Microsoft, welcome back to the world of mobile phones.


Now I hope my HTC HD2 will be upgradable to Windows Phone 7 OS.

I played with a Zune HD this week while at Microsoft’s campus.  Very responsive, slick UI.  No delays.  Hopefully the UI on these Windows Phone will be as fast.

I’m keen to hear the announcements at MIX 10.  There will be details on how to develop for Windows Phone 7.  Likely something based on XNA and Silverlight.

It’s time to crank the brain in motion and learn how to program again.

Martini & Eggs Haiku

Martini and eggs

Martini and eggs
Somewhere nowhere anywhere
Life with no time zone


I will wear a tie
I’ll talk, show some slides, you’ll judge
After, no more tie

Insomnia Haiku

Messy bed

Sleep, I want you now
Why do you abandon me?
The sun is coming