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Another coup attempt

So  there was another coup attempt in the Philippines.  No surprise there.  The newspaper listed previous coup attempts since 1986 and I had a chuckle when I read this:

“July 1986: About 400 soldiers loyal to Marcos seize the Manila Hotel and declare the formation of a rebel government. Mrs Aquino quashes the revolt after 38 hours. The mutineers are given 20 push-ups as punishment.”

A 5th grade student in gym class gets more punishment than this.

For your health

Booze is good for you

Drink up, folks!

So this is America?

How depressing.

Malaysia’s Information Minister

If you think Malaysia is about to hit first world status, watch this.

I could do a better job as Malaysia’s Information Minister.  He could probably do a better job if he stayed silent.

Zune 2

The new Zune is out and reviews are positive about it.  Bests the iPod Classic and gives the new iPod a run for its money.

Sadly these are not available in Asia yet.  I’ll keep on trucking with my Creative Zen Vision M.  It has served me very well.

A collection of Zune 2 reviews from  A thorough review from the Wall Street Journal.

You dog

This man married a dog.  No, not an ugly lady.  An actual dog.

From the picture, the dog is pretty cute.

I hope the marriage is never consummated.

The Nerd Handbook

Very accurate, very useful.

Learn more about your favorite nerd today!