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We are all going to sink

Read an article yesterday about which cities will be affected first from climate change. Singapore is one of the earliest.

I guess this explains the ridiculous humidity and heat that we have been experiencing. Makes one long for cooler climates. Perhaps one day we can pack up and flee.

Read about when you’ll be underwater.


It’s all a blur

Henry is slightly over a year old now. Not a surprise that my last blog post was back in June. A joke I like to make is that if I really wanted to handicap a competitor I would figure out how to make them have a newborn.  Bam! They’ll be out of commission for at least six months.

I can see where the phrase “It takes a village…” came from. It’s also funny to think that in our modern age we don’t communicate more about how difficult it is to raise a baby, especially if you have no one to turn to for support.

Obligatory baby photo to show that things are okay:

Henry and Piano