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Project Emporia Mobile for Windows Phone 7

Interesting application from Microsoft Research FUSE Labs called Project Emporia Mobile. A “personalized mobile news reader.”

In their words…



Every day we face information overflow: News is coming at us through so many channels that it is difficult to weed out the gems that are important to us from all the noise. Project Emporia offers a solution to this by introducing feedback into the news reading experience. When users read stories through Project Emporia, they can vote “more like this” or “less like this” to instantly personalize their news reading experience.

Our goal with Project Emporia is to create the most personalized content-based news reading experience for the real-time web based on the Matchbox recommender technology developed at Microsoft Research. The key features are that Project Emporia

  • Learns relevance of news stories based on explicit more/less feedback by users.
  • Predicts relevance of news stories to filter down all news from the last 24 hours.
  • Provides a quick news overview across categories in the Top Stories view.
  • Personalizes the news reading experience with custom channels.

Project Emporia is available for free on any Windows Phone 7 through the app store here. Please share the app with your friends and rate it. We would love to hear your feedback here!


Coconut Records

Been listening to a lot of them (or is it just him – Jason Schwartzman?) recently.


One of my favorite songs. “West Coast.”

Microsoft updates at CES

How nice – an update is coming for Windows Phone 7 that will add copy / paste as well as speed up performance. Yay!

When Surface was first announced a few years ago, there was a lot of interest but the hardware was rarely seen. Version 2 was announced today and it looks cool. Much slimmer than the original Surface and utilizes technology which allows the Surface screen to “see” what is being placed on it. Demo video below.

My bed haiku

My bed and blankets
How dear sleep would make me feel
Sunrise comes too quick

25 years of Excel

As a former member of the Excel team (specifically PivotTables), it makes me happy to think about how much Excel is used.  As a fresh college graduate, I had never used PivotTables before. I would talk to random people and mention that I worked on PivotTables and they would wax lyrical about how much time they saved by using that feature.  Nice.

Microsoft Excel: Software That Changed the World

“Excel is the program that has launched thousands of startups and justified millions of layoffs, planned out household budgets and charted the course for complex securities that almost took down the economy. For better or worse, it is the software that has given everyone the means to play with numbers and ask, ‘What if?’”