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Trying and failing to sleep, I concoct an image to make me feel relaxed.

I picture a man standing in front of the ocean, looking up at the night sky blanketed with stars and moonlight. His daughter is next to him, he puts his hand on the back of her neck so she can feel his warmth of being there. She has a bottle of glitter, she pours it into her cupped hands and blows strongly, spraying green and blue and red and yellow which all stick to the stars as if covered with glue.


Since I’m clearly still awake, it didn’t work.


A more beautiful web

Internet Explorer 9 Beta is now available.

Play in a more beautiful web

Review from ZDNet

“Personally, I find the performance and usability improvements in IE9 nearly irresistible. They easily outweigh the minor rendering issues and incompatibilities with some sites. If you’re a happy IE8 user, I predict you’ll be just as impressed with IE9 as I am.”


Time to give it a whirl!

And yes, it has been awhile since I’ve been around.