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I’m not the biggest fan of Haruki Murakami, but I did enjoy his short story Kino published in The New Yorker.

Read it.



The Magic of Youth

It’s January 1 (well, I guess January 2 now) and I was browsing my Facebook feed and saw a video posted by the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team. It capped their top 10 plays of 2014. I used to be a big fan of the NBA but it’s been hard to keep up with the league happenings from Singapore.

I watched the video. It made me think about how much time has passed since I was an Orlando Magic fan. The days of Scott Skiles, Greg Kite, Nick Anderson, Donald Royal, Jeff Turner, etc. Before the Shaq and Penny Hardaway heyday.

If I lived in a major US city I’d probably own season tickets to their basketball team.

Maybe I should look into the Singapore Slingers’ schedule for 2015…

Habit Lists

Tonight I saw a post titled “20 Habits of Highly Authentic People.” I clicked on the link puzzling over what it meant. I got crap like this:

“5. They have unique daily rituals, like making coffee in a special way or meditating in candlelight before going to bed.”

What is an authentic person anyway?

10 Habits of Authentic Leaders

20 characteristics of successful people

etc. etc.

Why is the internet just full of junk?

I guess that’s what makes it entertaining.

Liberty Spirits Asia at Whisky Live

Many of you in Singapore have probably heard of or attended Beerfest. It’s a great time; hundreds of craft beers, live music, food, etc. It’s like Oktoberfest in the spring time… without all the German background.

Well… last year La Maison du Whisky organized the first Whisky Live in Singapore. It’s like Beerfest but instead of trying out all kinds of beer you hop from stall to stall sampling their whisky. It’s delicious, interesting, and gets people loose a lot faster (after all it’s whiskey…)

This year Liberty Spirits Asia will be participating and will be featuring Catoctin Creek’s Roundstone Rye, Lost Spirits’ Leviathan III, and Blue Ridge Distilling’s Defiant Whisky.

The folks over at Spirited/SG have written up a preview of Whisky Live and include a section on our American spirits. Have a read!


Find out more information from the Whisky Live event page.

Abbey Road Crossing Cam

Amusing. They’ve set up a livecam at the famous Abbey Road crossing which the Beatles used on their album cover.


(The Thrillist’s headline, not mine).

I enjoy seeing famous sights in person but I’ve never been one to try to reenact a moment or have the need to capture a photograph proving I was there. Not that there’s anything wrong with it; I think I’m just lazy.


Oh ye of little updates. That ye being me. I’m not sure why I don’t blog much anymore. Can one outgrow blogging? I don’t think that’s it. Sure, like everyone I’m busy, but that’s also not it. Just something that has fallen by the wayside, which I regret. I use phone apps like Day One to record some thoughts down but they come in microbursts and are written primarily in the elevator between the floor I live on and the ground. Not a time for insight.

Anyway, another birthday has come and is about to be gone. I was thinking about my lack of interest in birthdays (mine or other people’s). Perhaps it’s a selfish way of thinking but instead of putting “me first” on only my birthday, I want to do that every day of the year! So the birthday becomes pointless.

What do I mean by “me first?” Ultimately it’s about owning my time. Being engaged in everything I do because it’s what I want to be doing at that moment. From the unproductive to the super-productive. It doesn’t mean I have to like what I’m doing; I just need there to be a point.

With that in mind, I’m off to play video games.

That reminds me of a chat I had today about growing old and being an adult.  There’s no such thing as an adult. We’re all just kids that become easily tired.

More Than This

Happy Chinese New Year!  Goodbye year of the Dragon, hello year of the Snake.

It has been a rainy start to the year; appropriate since it’s a “Black Water Snake” year.

Had a wonderful afternoon nap, and now late night am looking at clips from favorite movies.


Randomly I sit here browsing through photos of past trips to Europe.  Primarily Paris and Belgium.  What I think about is how I ate steak tartar every day.

I love steak tartar.


This would be better if I actually had pictures of steak tartar.  I will have more soon.  Opening a raw bar on Orchard Road in a month or so.  Steak tartar, raw oysters, sashimi and more.  My dream of eating a meal of raw food is near complete!

Kicking and Screaming (1995)

Trailer for Kicking & Screaming


“What I used to able to pass off as a bad summer could now potentially turn into a bad life.”

I miss the days of cheap beer, aimless conversation and not having to wake up for anything in the morning.

Jeff, Who Lives at Home

New movie starring Jason Segel, Ed Helms, and Susan Sarandon.

Definitely on my to-watch list.

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