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AC/DC Rocks in Excel

Is it truly the world’s first ASCII music video in Excel?


In the rain

Obama as we knew him

The Guardian has memories and experiences from people who were close to Obama.  Gives a glimpse into Obama’s character.

Well worth the read.

McCain vs. Obama dance-off

I’m so happy technology enables videos such as this one to be created.

Let’s Get Out Of This Country

First song that came through on my MP3 player when I arrived in Taipei was Camera Obscura’s “Let’s Get Out Of This Country

I am pleasantly surprised that they are going to be playing in Singapore on October 29.  Sadly I do not have tickets to their show.

Anyway, per the song title… I have jetted out of Singapore and find myself in Taipei.  About to go eat dinner at 1010 Restaurant.  It’s dubbed as “Pop Hunan Cuisine.”  I don’t know what that means.

Go listen to the song.  It’s great.  If you like it, check out their song Alaska as well.

Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama

I know I’ve been going a little Obama-crazy on this blog, but I felt this endorsement by Colin Powell speaks volumes.

“Powell said a major part of his decision to turn his back on his own party was his conclusion that Obama was the better option to repair frayed U.S. relations with allies overseas.”


Breakfast around the world

Reader’s Digest shows off 4 ways of looking at breakfast from around the world.


2 photos of Obama

Found these from

(Via St4rZ on Tumblr)

It’s the home stretch, Mr. Obama.

Washington Post endorses Obama

The Washington Post has endorsed Barack Obama for President of the United States.

“Mature” games that are actually mature has a good article covering “mature” games that are actually mature – meaning not just mature for nudity, violence, etc. but for having mature themes.