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Habit Lists

Tonight I saw a post titled “20 Habits of Highly Authentic People.” I clicked on the link puzzling over what it meant. I got crap like this:

“5. They have unique daily rituals, like making coffee in a special way or meditating in candlelight before going to bed.”

What is an authentic person anyway?

10 Habits of Authentic Leaders

20 characteristics of successful people

etc. etc.

Why is the internet just full of junk?

I guess that’s what makes it entertaining.


I made a magazine

Well, to be more accurate I made a Flipboard magazine, so it’s not quite as exciting.

It’s focused on American craft spirits and happenings within the liquor industry; relevant for me as I work on Liberty Spirits Asia and The Secret Mermaid.

Learn more about spirits!

Can I point out that trying to access a Flipboard magazine from the web instead of the mobile app is confusing?