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The Suburbs

It’s surprising how quickly time has passed here in Florida.  I arrived on Sunday afternoon and in the blink of an eye it’s almost the end of Thursday.  I had big plans for this week… lots of brainstorming, emailing, blogging, etc.  In the end I’ve eaten, read, and slept a lot.  Which feels pretty great!

If I lived back here again I would never go out.  The idea of getting into a car and driving for awhile makes me think it’s just easier to stay in.  There’s the internet, books, and TV all waiting to whittle my time away with.

My dad talks to me about how there are lots of opportunities in the US, and in Florida.  I think in big cities like New York or San Francisco, sure, there would be opportunities.  In a spread out place like Orlando?  No way.  You need a saturation of people to bounce ideas off of and to work with.


The Garage at Microsoft

Facilities and freedom such as this make me occasionally wish I was still working at the Redmond headquarters.

Microsoft opens Garage to spark innovation

Microsoft’s Matt Jubelirer and Quinn Hawkins in the meeting space at the new Microsoft Garage building.

(Credit: Jay Greene/CNET)

I wonder if we could create something like this for the Microsoft office in Singapore.

24 hours

Next week I leave for another trip.  It kicks off with 24 hours in Frankfurt, 24 hours in New York City, and 24 hours in New Jersey.  Then a week of quiet and rejuvenation in Florida.

I wonder if there’s an archive of all the “24 hours in <city name>” articles that I’ve read in the airline magazines.  I think it’s United Airlines.

Windows Phone 7 Mango running on HTC HD2

Well, perhaps there is hope for my HTC HD2 after all.  I remember feeling bitter after finding out the HD2 wouldn’t be upgradable to Windows Phone 7.  Looks like the community has figured out a way to make it happen.