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Outlook / Microsoft Office 2013 IMAP bug

Recently upgrade to Microsoft Office 2013?  Do you notice your IMAP account (likely gmail) showing messages that you deleted or moved into another folder previously?  Or even worse, a message from your mail provider saying you have exceeded bandwidth and are now locked out for 24 hours?

You’re not alone.  There are a few issues in Outlook 2013 which unfortunately while reported during the Preview period have not been fixed in the final RTM product.

From the Microsoft Answers site:

1) Outlook 2013 IMAP messages keep re-appearing after deletion or move

2) Gmail (or any IMAP accountd) “Account exceeded bandwidth limits” while using Outlook 2013 IMAP

For issue #1 you can try deleting and re-adding your IMAP account so it starts fresh.  I found that fixed the issue for me but others are reporting the issue remains.

For #2, which is a serious problem because it locks you out of your account for 24 hours (you can still use web access to the mail), I don’t know what the workaround could be.  The Office blog explains the new IMAP in Outlook 2013 which may shed light on what is going on.

Hopefully Microsoft is going to release updates frequently and  not make us all wait months for a service pack (or worse, just not fix this issue at all).