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Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 RT

Windows 8 is finally here and along with it is Microsoft’s big bet – the Surface with Windows RT.  The company built the hardware itself (pissing off its numerous hardware partners) and it is basically positioned to compete against Apple’s iPad and Google’s Chromebooks.

Consensus is that the device is beautiful hardware-wise.  Unique case with a touch keyboard, slim tablet, and a kickstand to prop it up…

The criticisms I’ve read are centered around:

  1. The screen dimensions make it awkward to hold in portrait mode (a little too long)
  2. Windows RT doesn’t run all the applications that Windows 8 will run.  It runs basically the tablet-oriented apps and not the desktop and legacy applications.  That can be confusing for customers who don’t realize that Windows RT and Windows 8 are not the same thing.  The allowed apps must come from the Windows Store (app store)
  3. The lack of applications – it’s a new platform so more will be coming, but yes, there’s a lack of killer apps at the moment.
  4. Camera sucks

However it’s still an ultra-portable tablet with features that give it an edge over existing tablets for creating content.  Are people using it while still in the “shadow” of how one uses an iPad?  Perhaps it will take time to break out of using the Surface in the same way as using an iPad.

There’s plenty of reviews out there from the big tech sites, but this review by Hal Berenson had good analysis about what the Surface can offer.


Jet lag and politics

I’ve been back from Florida for a week now.  As usual my body has not handled jet lag well.  I force myself to stay awake and end up feeling like a zombie (and useless) all afternoon followed by going to bed at 2 AM and waking up at 5 AM.  This has not made for a productive week, which is unfortunate since the new restaurant (Tanuki) is opening very soon.

Next time I decide to zonk time zones, I’m going to indulge in sleeping whenever the heck I feel tired.  After years of trying to force myself to the destination’s routine, I have concluded it doesn’t work.  I might as well sleep whenever I’m tired and at least feel refreshed after that sleep.  The body will gradually adjust itself after that.

If anyone has Americans on their Facebook list, I’m sure they’ve noticed the newsfeed getting populated by all kinds of political posts.  Romney, Obama, whoever… I care yet don’t care who you’re going to vote for, however there is one thing that I get annoyed by – the belief of total untruths.

Are there really still educated, intelligent people that believe Obama was not born in America or believe that he is a Muslim?  There’s a big difference between saying, “I know Obama is an American” versus, “I don’t care where Obama was born,” as well as, “I don’t care if Obama is a Muslim,” versus, “Obama is not a Muslim.”

I am surprised people are still saying such things.