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Is that a Starbucks in China? Let’s go!

A good travel article about how some people view being in a destination in a different way.

“Bruce Fullmer, who promotes tourism to southwestern Utah’s stunning red rock country, calls this kind of travel “confirming.” He says he notices it primarily in Japanese visitors who get off the tour bus, take a photo of Bryce Canyon to prove they were there, then speed off to the next sight. But how many Americans see the world in the same way, especially on those multidestination “If this is Tuesday, it must be Belgium” trips?”


Facebook valued at 15 billion USD

According to this article, “Facebook is expecting to earn a profit of $30 million on $150 million in sales this year. So if it were a publicly traded company, it would be valued at a whopping 500 times earnings. Google, no slouch when it comes to market value, is currently trading at about 53 times earnings.”

Microsoft has taken a 240 million USD stake in Facebook.  I wonder if this means that when I use Facebook during office hours it still means I’m working.

Goodie gumdrops

How unexpected – I wake up this morning to see the bloodbath that is the stock market and then notice Microsoft has popped up to 35.56 (+11.16%) in after hours trading.  Finally, the entertainment and devices division registers a profit!  Thank you Halo 3 (but bye-bye Bungie) and the excitement regarding the investment in Facebook.

Microsoft increased its forecast for the year

Hmm… should I sell some stock now while it’s up… or is there possibility of it climbing and climbing?  Decisions, decisions.

Too bad this didn’t happen the last quarter when a ton of stock options expired.

Planet of the Apes is upon us!

Monkeys kill Delhi deputy mayor

One solution proposed:

“Train bands of larger, more ferocious langur monkeys to go after the smaller groups of Rhesus macaques.”

The downfall of humanity is looming.  I’m never going to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve again.

East Timor photos

East Timor

I’ve put up some photos from my East Timor trip.

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

Land of opportunity

Interesting article from MSNBC about how many emigrants are looking to China rather than the United States as a place to move their family.

The US does seem saturated and stagnant… while Asia (and Southeast Asia) has an atmosphere of entrepreneurship.

Oh let me bookmark it now…

Sometimes I receive work e-mails that pain me:

“We are proud to announce the launch the first Phase of the newest <corporate department name removed> Web site – the exciting and brand new <corporate acronym> site! 

In order to help promote our newly joint region and increase overall awareness of <corporate division> to not only employees and management but also the global <acronym> team, our <corporate acronym> clients and stakeholders, this site centralizes material and tools to better communicate our <acronym> achievements, share people stories and best practices after the integration as well as continue to advocate the business objectives and strategy within each business segment.   The new site will serve as your “One Stop Shop” for all your <corporate acronym> resource needs.

I feel like I’m witnessing the launch of the Dunder Mifflin paper-buying website.

Lookie lookie…

Who might get a cookie… and stock that will be worth something of value.

Goldman adds Microsoft to buy list

Okay all you stock lemmings, make Microsoft go up!

In East Timor

In case you’re wondering why I’m not on a conference call or why I’m not responding to e-mails, it’s because I’m on vacation.

Free Burma!

Free Burma!

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