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Lifehacker list of best Windows Phone 7 apps

Useful article for those of you curious about what good apps are available for Windows Phone 7.

Merry Christmas!


Oh Charlie Brown, where have you gone?

Living with Windows Phone

Paul Dawson writes about his experience of living with Windows Phone 7 for the past two weeks.

I didn’t think about how much stuff was going on in the background with the phone, but basically it’s grabbing data and uploading bits to the internet constantly. Great to have a phone that is always updated, bad if you are worried about data charges!

Thankfully in Singapore the data rates are capped.

Making of a song with Windows 7

Video from Microsoft about how a musician used Windows 7 during the process of creating and releasing a song.


I’d like to learn more about the photo editing and management tools. Haven’t played around with those yet.

Kinect versus Move

Which to buy: Xbox Kinect or Playstation Move?

I have the Kinect and haven’t gotten a chance to try out the Move.


I like this song.


It’s by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Lyrics

Save Youtube videos

Found an easy way to save Youtube videos in a variety of file formats.

A Youtube video will have a link such as:

To save that video to your drive, simply insert “link” in front of youtube in the address. So it would be:

You have to allow the Java applet to run.

Happy video archiving!