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2 notes about hands-on people.

First, a heartwarming one about a 101 year old father with a special needs daughter.  Courtesy of the Guardian.

Frank Whipple

The 2nd – photos of Bill Gates.  It was his birthday on October 28.

Bill Gates


Windows 7 – now available


Without a doubt it’s the best version of Windows.

Learn more about Windows 7

I’ve been using it since the beta without a hitch.

Jump lists, window & tab previews, easy window manipulation, stability, and security.

Also cool if you pair it with the new Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000.  First set of hardware with features specific to Windows 7.

White hair haiku


I found a white hair
A sign of age, or hard times?
It is what it is

Generation A

Can’t wait for November 10!


One of my favorite authors, Douglas Coupland, has a new book coming out.  Generation A.

Description from Amazon:

Generation A is set in the near future in a world where bees are extinct, until five unconnected people from around the world — in the United States, Canada, France, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka — are all stung. Their shared experience unites them in ways they never could have imagined.

Generation A mirrors Coupland’s debut novel, 1991’s Generation X. It explores new ways of storytelling in a digital world. Like much of Coupland’swriting, it occupies the perplexing hinterland between optimism about the future and everyday apocalyptic paranoia. Imaginative, inventive, and fantastically entertaining, Generation A is his most ambitious work to date.”



I dream of travel. Somewhere else, somewhere new. More places to see. A great wide open world of adventure.

Here I am feeling restless. It’s October, my birthday month. Age 33 looms like a gargoyle.

Pack up a bag, put on a hat, stride out into the great beyond.