Next Windows Phone – Nokia Lumia 900

I feel like a charmed little princess.  Last week I got an e-mail from the lovely folks at Fleishman-Hillard letting me know that I was going to get my hands on a Nokia Lumia 900.

It came at just the right moment; the phone I’ve been using for about a year and a half (HTC HD7) was dying on me.  Spontaneously rebooting, broken proximity sensor, and a battery with only enough juice to move from plug to plug.

So I was in the market for a new mobile phone.  Was considering an iPhone because of how much I use my iPad and also the Lumia 900 since I was used to the Windows Phone 7 platform.  For a brief moment I considered dipping my toes into the Android territory, but I didn’t see any point in starting totally anew.

I’ve had the Lumia 900 for two days now, and I’ve been really pleased.  While I’ve been using the WP7 platform for awhile, the screen on the Lumia makes everything look so much better than on the HD7… leading to the live tiles and pictures popping out and making me want to stay engaged longer.


Picture from Lumia 900: How Nokia And Microsoft Become Disruptors

In the limited time so far (but long-time with WP7), this is what I like:

– Core phone functionality of SMS, Phone, E-mail (linked inboxes and separate inboxes… I have 5 e-mail accounts on this phone!) all work well and are easily accessible. I particularly like the integration of Windows Live Messenger, Facebook Chat, and SMS into one interface and an individual’s conversation history.

– For keeping-up-to-date with friends’ posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn the WP7 platform is definitely the best. It’s surprising how much activity you can glean by looking at the live tiles.  Putting your friends in groups and then pinning the group to your home screen creates a tile that refreshes with display pictures, status updates, tweets, and photos posted.   This stuff flows through the phone in a well-integrated manner.

– Battery life. I turned on the phone, looked at the “Battery Saver” setting and it told me that there was over 1 day of battery life remaining.  AMAZING!!  I’ve never had a smartphone that could last more than a day, though I suppose I’m a “power user.”

– Screen.  I’ve already gushed about it but this is what is really making me love the phone. I like the vivid colors.

Lumia 900
Come on Microsoft, implement the ability to take a screenshot! (I had to use another camera to take this photo).

– Nokia Music + Zune.  The mix radio feature on Nokia Music lets you stream or download playlists of songs for many genres. Should be a good way to learn about new bands.  Combine that with the Zune music subscription (alas not available in Singapore) and you’ve basically got an infinite amount of music accessible on your device.

– Speed.  My HD7 was running on the same hardware as the HD2 (1ghz processor) which is 3 years old. The 1400 MHz processor on the Lumia 900 makes all the applications feel snappier.

– Office. Specifically the combination of OneNote and Skydrive.  I like being able to save documents to SkyDrive (7gb of internet storage – “the cloud”) and open them from anywhere. With OneNote it syncs anything you do back to your desktop / laptop machines too.  It’s like I can pretend to be productive!

I need more time to play with the camera.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to shoot some my way!


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  1. Posted by emmageraln on May 27, 2012 at 2:59 am

    Reblogged this on emmageraln.


  2. Posted by Siva on June 4, 2012 at 12:58 pm

    Hi there, i have been playing around with the L900 for a while and i cant seem to get hold of Messenger. I know its integrated somewhere within the people hub. The problem is, how do i select Messenger instead of SMS when i want to send a MSG? And also, changing my online status to Available doesn’t make me appear to other people.

    Perhaps i am doing it wrong, perhaps you can shed some light here.



    • Posted by talk19 on June 4, 2012 at 1:18 pm

      1) Select Messaging (where you check your SMS) 2) Click on the little Messenger icon on the bottom 3) Select one of the available status (like available) 4) Click on any contact to start messaging 5) Toggle between SMS or messaging via the two arrows at the bottom (looks like a left arrow & a right arrow)

      Hope that helps! Let me know if you’re seeing something different. Are you trying to use Facebook messenger or Windows Live Messenger?


  3. Posted by CJ on October 31, 2012 at 2:14 am

    Hi, I am a new user of the L900. I know this is going to sound crazy but as a big social networker I was wondering if you could tell me how to log out of facebook and twitter on it?


  4. Posted by talk19 on October 31, 2012 at 6:23 am

    Hi, I don’t have my phone on me at the moment but I believe you go to the Settings screen, select “E-mail and Accounts”, and then should see Facebook, Twitter, etc. Click on the one you want to clear the information out of.


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