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Systems and Service

I just got off a  phone call with Daikin Air Conditioning.  I’ve been a customer of theirs for many years (around 6, ever since they took over the aircon company that used to maintain my air conditioners).

In Singapore it’s a necessity to get air-con maintenance done every 3 or 4 months.  If not the air-conditioner starts choking up and becomes inefficient.  It also begins to leak water.

My service contract expired in December.  I didn’t get a call for renewal so I overlooked it and unfortunately this morning woke up to a leaky air conditioner.

I called Daikin and they told me my contract had expired.  Which is fine, I’m set to renew it and have someone come as soon as possible to fix the air-con.  Uh-oh… they say that it will take at least 2 weeks before they can get me a new contract and send someone.  I remark that each previous time they just sent a repair guy and I signed the contract on the spot.

It was explained to me that their new system does not allow this.

I asked the lady what kind of system is this?  It doesn’t seem to improve things for the customers.  She said, “Some things improved, some things not.”  So I asked her what part of this new system made any improvement for the customers.  She didn’t have a response.  I pointed out that while the system may have improved things for their internal workings, it made things more difficult for customers.

Looks like it’s easier to turn to another air conditioning maintenance company rather than wait two weeks for Daikin to figure out how to renew my contract.

Rule for business – if your system makes it harder for a customer to give you money, it’s probably a bad system.