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I made a magazine

Well, to be more accurate I made a Flipboard magazine, so it’s not quite as exciting.

It’s focused on American craft spirits and happenings within the liquor industry; relevant for me as I work on Liberty Spirits Asia and The Secret Mermaid.

Learn more about spirits!

Can I point out that trying to access a Flipboard magazine from the web instead of the mobile app is confusing?

Guide to Gin

Speaking of gin and tonics, Ladyironchef (courtesy of Mandy Lynn) posted a Beginner’s Guide to Gin.

I’m part of the article, talking about the beauty of Greenhook Gin and how one may enjoy tasting gin. It can be pretty intense for a newbie!


Drop by The Secret Mermaid and go through a selection of gins via our tasting flights! Some really awesome stuff there… Greylock Gin, Pinckney’s American Gin, New Deal 33, New Deal 1, Half Moon Orchard Gin, TRU organic gin, and plenty more! It’s quite amazing the differences one can taste  between different gins.