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A gin and tonic after a hard day’s work

I’ve touched on this before, my love for commuter bars. These days we’re overwhelmed with “destination” everything places. Destination restaurants, destination bars, destination destination destination. It’s always about the destination. Commuter bars are great as they’re about the transit. The passing from Point A to Point C but with a short hop at Point B.

On my last trip to New York I was thrilled to go to Tracks Raw Bar and Grill. They had been featured in a New York Times article, and I wanted to check them out, much to my New York friend’s dismay. We hauled ourselves over to Penn Station where we overindulged in whiskey poured by sight. Commuter bars are a temporary refuge, the “third place” that all these cafés are striving to be. An escape for the salaryman, able to loosen their tie, untuck their shirt, and mentally step away from the stresses of the office. Maybe they’re with a couple colleagues, or maybe they’re friends with the bar regulars. Or maybe they’re just alone at the end of the bar nursing a drink.

Tracks Raw Bar

Tracks Raw Bar

We started happy hour at The Secret Mermaid last week. It brings us a step closer to being a great Singapore commuter bar.

From the article:

For Michael Haskell, 37, of Garden City, N.Y., all it takes is a nod to Theresa FitzGerald, a longtime bartender; a second later, a gin and tonic is in his hand. “This is the only spot to go in Penn Station,” Mr. Haskell, a wealth manager for an investment bank, said the other day. “Actually, this is about as good as it gets in the basement of a train station.”