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Windows 7 Themes

I’ve installed the Windows 7 Release Candidate on all my machines.  It’s running on a custom-built Intel Core 2 Duo desktop, a HP Mini 1000 Netbook, and a 15 inch Macbook Pro running Boot Camp.  They are all running very well.  The only “problem” is I can’t get the microphone in the HP Mini 1000 to work but I haven’t spent time trying to fix that yet.  The other machines are running great and the only times I have needed to reboot have been when Windows Update sent some test patches through the system.

Best of all, sleep mode finally WORKS!  On my Macbook Pro it was > 70% chance that if I closed the lid or otherwise put the machine to sleep, it would hang and need to be powered off without the proper shutdown procedure.  Now I snap the lid shut and it goes to sleep like a little baby that has drunk Nyquil.

Anyway, a great personalization feature of Windows 7 is themes.  There are some included by default that are beautiful.  Architecture, Characters, and Scenes are the ones I like the most.


This entry from the “Engineering Windows 7 Blog” explains how to create, save, and share Windows 7 themes.