You’ll miss this phase…

One of the funny things parents of toddlers or older children say to me is that I’ll miss this newborn phase once the baby grows older. I wonder if it’s a case of rose-tinted glasses or whether that just means worse is coming.

Admittedly newborns generally look cute so when they’re not screaming, pooping, or spitting out milk they’re kind of nice to chuckle at.

My arms, they hurt

A little over two months with the baby and he’s growing rapidly. Like many newborns, he has a propensity to cry when you’re not standing and carrying him. This baby has been quite the workout for my arms. They’re sore all the time. (Along with my ears).

The past few days brought cramps to my left arm. Let’s hope that it doesn’t cramp up while I’m holding le bebe.

Where is my mind?

My baby is two months old today. I set the Spotify radio setting to play songs based on a mellow Yo La Tengo number. After an hour of music “Where is My Mind?” by The Pixies came on.

That about sums up the first two months taking care of the baby.

It’s also time to add a ‘Parenthood’ category. How life changes.

Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse Troubleshooting

Just an FYI for those of you with a Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse. I encountered a bug where clicking the buttons of the mouth would register on the computer it’s paired with, but moving the mouse didn’t translate into the cursor moving. There was also no blue light indicating the mouse was on / off or able to track.

Removing / unpairing the mouse and then pairing it again with the Surface Pro 3 also didn’t fix the problem.

Solution: Remove the battery from the mouse and then put it back in. Voila, fixed!

To All of You

I played chapter 1 of the game “Life is Strange” recently. I enjoyed it a lot; the soundtrack was a big part of feeling connected to the game.

There’s one song that loops in periodically during the game. It’s called “To All of You” and it’s by Syd Matters. You can listen to it below.

Here’s the official video:


I’m not the biggest fan of Haruki Murakami, but I did enjoy his short story Kino published in The New Yorker.

Read it.


What is it about whiskey…

What is it about whiskey that makes it the perfect drink to unwind with? I suppose it’s the leisurely sips, the unhurried lifting of the glass, catching a whiff of the scent and that little bit of expectant burn. The lips tingle, the nose stings just in the slightest, and then the flavors burst out on the tongue before this comforting warmth wraps its way into you.

This past year has been filled with a lot of whiskey. Bourbon, rye, grain, scotch, all kinds of whisk(e)y.

Today was one of those stressful days when you need to force yourself to unwind. A glass of whiskey is perfect for that.

Tonight it’s Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye Cask Proof. 58% alcohol by volume, yet still full of flavor. Can it be described as almost tropical? Coconut, banana, cocoa notes…

May this coming week be good.

The Magic of Youth

It’s January 1 (well, I guess January 2 now) and I was browsing my Facebook feed and saw a video posted by the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team. It capped their top 10 plays of 2014. I used to be a big fan of the NBA but it’s been hard to keep up with the league happenings from Singapore.

I watched the video. It made me think about how much time has passed since I was an Orlando Magic fan. The days of Scott Skiles, Greg Kite, Nick Anderson, Donald Royal, Jeff Turner, etc. Before the Shaq and Penny Hardaway heyday.

If I lived in a major US city I’d probably own season tickets to their basketball team.

Maybe I should look into the Singapore Slingers’ schedule for 2015…

Habit Lists

Tonight I saw a post titled “20 Habits of Highly Authentic People.” I clicked on the link puzzling over what it meant. I got crap like this:

“5. They have unique daily rituals, like making coffee in a special way or meditating in candlelight before going to bed.”

What is an authentic person anyway?

10 Habits of Authentic Leaders

20 characteristics of successful people

etc. etc.

Why is the internet just full of junk?

I guess that’s what makes it entertaining.

I made a magazine

Well, to be more accurate I made a Flipboard magazine, so it’s not quite as exciting.

It’s focused on American craft spirits and happenings within the liquor industry; relevant for me as I work on Liberty Spirits Asia and The Secret Mermaid.

Learn more about spirits!

Can I point out that trying to access a Flipboard magazine from the web instead of the mobile app is confusing?