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The Suburbs

It’s surprising how quickly time has passed here in Florida.  I arrived on Sunday afternoon and in the blink of an eye it’s almost the end of Thursday.  I had big plans for this week… lots of brainstorming, emailing, blogging, etc.  In the end I’ve eaten, read, and slept a lot.  Which feels pretty great!

If I lived back here again I would never go out.  The idea of getting into a car and driving for awhile makes me think it’s just easier to stay in.  There’s the internet, books, and TV all waiting to whittle my time away with.

My dad talks to me about how there are lots of opportunities in the US, and in Florida.  I think in big cities like New York or San Francisco, sure, there would be opportunities.  In a spread out place like Orlando?  No way.  You need a saturation of people to bounce ideas off of and to work with.

24 hours

Next week I leave for another trip.  It kicks off with 24 hours in Frankfurt, 24 hours in New York City, and 24 hours in New Jersey.  Then a week of quiet and rejuvenation in Florida.

I wonder if there’s an archive of all the “24 hours in <city name>” articles that I’ve read in the airline magazines.  I think it’s United Airlines.


I was commenting to a friend earlier today how I would be in an airplane, joining the other people up in the sky at that time… one of the few people not touching the ground.  Like we’re in an exclusive club for that short period in the air.  It seems like a marvel, something to be celebrated and talked about with fellow passengers.

I guess we’re all used to it though, and we stay strangers even while seated next to each other for 14 hours.


It has been more than a week since I’ve had at least 5 hours of unbroken sleep. This jet lag thing is driving me crazy. One might think I’d be used to it by now.

How I miss the sleep I had in Tokyo.  Over 7 hours each night, I woke up on the 3rd day feeling refreshed for the first time in literally years.

In Tulalip I’m a jittery, caffeine and sugar seeking mess.

Good thing there is a box of twinkies and a half-eaten pot roast sandwich next to me.

Martini & Eggs Haiku

Martini and eggs

Martini and eggs
Somewhere nowhere anywhere
Life with no time zone


Eat, you are skinny
Are you getting enough rest?
Why don’t you move home


In January and February I’m going to be traveling a lot. A friend of mine passed me a poem which I thought was appropriate.

At the gate, I sit in a row of blue seats
with the possible company of my death,
this sprawling miscellany of people –
carry-on bags and paperbacks –

that could be gathered in a flash
into a band of pilgrims on the last open road.
Not that I think
if our plane crumpled into a mountain

we would all ascend together,
holding hands like a ring of sky divers,
into a sudden gasp of brightness,
or that there would be some common spot

for us to reunite to jubilize the moment,
some spaceless, pillarless Greece
where we could, at the count of three,
toss our ashes into the sunny air.

It’s just that the way that man has his briefcase
so carefully arranged,
the way that girl is cooling her tea,
and the flow of the comb that woman

passes through her daughter’s hair…
and when you consider the altitude,
the secret parts of the engines,
and all the hard water and the deep canyons below…

well, I just think it would be good if one of us
maybe stood up and said a few words,
or, so as not to involve the police,
at least quietly wrote something down.

“Passengers” by Billy Collins

Beijing Haiku

Beijing, what happened?
Your bicycles disappeared
It’s cold and gray now.



I dream of travel. Somewhere else, somewhere new. More places to see. A great wide open world of adventure.

Here I am feeling restless. It’s October, my birthday month. Age 33 looms like a gargoyle.

Pack up a bag, put on a hat, stride out into the great beyond.


‘Sometimes I think I flew to the wrong place. Mars was always my favourite as a kid and it still is today.’

MICHAEL COLLINS, Apollo 11 astronaut who orbited the moon while Edwin Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walked on it, 40 years ago

(from the Straits Times, Sunday 7/26/09)