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Beijing Haiku

Beijing, what happened?
Your bicycles disappeared
It’s cold and gray now.


You took a big risk
It didn’t work out, we’re sad
I learned much from you

White hair haiku


I found a white hair
A sign of age, or hard times?
It is what it is

Listless haiku


Days blend together

The eyes grow heavy with age

I woke up alone

Midpoint Haiku


July, you’re here now.

The summer sun and dog days

The year quickly fades

Stress haiku


Scratching in my head
Monkey all over my back
Sleep comes fitfully

30th birthday haiku

Thirtieth birthday
My friend was very happy
We celebrate her


Chuffed conversation
Tinkling glasses, small quick smiles
A nudge and a wink

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Insomnia haiku

Sleep, where have you gone?
A daydream is not the same
As blissful slumber

(Photo of Tamarindo beach in Costa Rica)

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Curry haiku


Curry on my pants!
I spilled curry on my pants!
Curry. Pants. Oh no!

(Written on the HP Mini 1000 whose keyboard is now destroyed by greasy curry-covered fingers)

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