Reliance on technology

So I’m here in Taiwan on a short work trip. The plan was to land, get in the car, and head to the hotel where the event will be held.  The car and driver was arranged by my colleague; I was told to turn on my phone immediately after landing and the driver would call me since cars aren’t allowed to park at Terminal 1.   So we would have to arrange a place to meet.

This would have been fine except my phone broke sometime on the way to Hong Kong.  Like a well-behaved traveler, I actually listened to the flight crew instructions telling us we had to turn off our phones.  When we landed in Hong Kong I tried to turn on my phone and it got stuck on the HTC splash screen.  Over and over again I tried; same result every time… stuck on the splash screen.

This may be the final straw for HTC and me.  I’ve owned a few of their phones including the HTC HD2, HTC Touch Dual, and now the HTC HD7.  All of them have broken.  The HTC Touch Dual had a spectacular quirk where the touchscreen wouldn’t work if the keypad was showing (when the screen was slid up), so I would have to slide it up and down alternating between keypad and screen. Ridiculous.

Now I’m overseas on a work trip with no phone to communicate with colleagues or folks back in Singapore.  Grr.  Since I’m in Taiwan I should go to the HTC headquarters and fling my phone at their building.

As for how I found the driver, I used my computer to dig through the e-mails and found the driver’s number. A nice guy at the Taiwan Visitor desk called the driver and then broadcasted via the paging system for the driver to find me.


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