FSJ on Twitter

One of the joys from the past few weeks is the return of Fake Steve Jobs (Dan Lyons).

His mix of biting humor, tech savvy, and industry knowledge make for entertaining reading.

Bionic Fake Steve Jobs

Regarding Twitter:

“Twitter guys: You are a bunch of hapless half-wits, and now you’re hypocrites, too. Also, fwiw, your product is not a product — it’s a feature. There’s a difference. Your only way out is to be bought by someone who will add your feature to whatever they make. Yes, maybe you’ll have a zillion billion members by 2020. Lot of people use email and IM software, too. Have you heard of any email companies that are taking in a billion dollars a year selling email? Know any billion-dollar IM companies? Yeah, I didn’t think so. But keep gelling your hair into those ridiculous shapes and telling yourselves you’re the next Larry and Sergey. And keep pitching those crazy spreadsheets to VCs, and maybe they’ll keep you alive for another few years, you twats.”

From his Monday Roundup


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  1. Posted by Hot Fudge on July 22, 2009 at 10:30 am


    When’s yr sushi bar openin?


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