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Pizza Hut Online – I solved you!

Oh happy day.  Happy, happy, happy day!

I have a soft spot for fast food and convenience.  Getting pizza delivered to my apartment brings me joy each time.

The ordering process, however, does not. Time spent on the phone repeating my order, clarifying the address, confirming the credit card… agh!

Last year, I was thrilled to discover they had implemented web ordering for delivery.  I thought to myself, “How great! I can sit here at the computer, browse the menu, and with a couple clicks hot pizza will be sent to me.  No human interaction necessary!”

And then I tried to use the system.


It would never complete the registration process.  I would enter in my contact details, click submit, and then it would get stuck at the message saying, “Processing your registration.  Please wait.”  My determination to create a Pizza Hut online account drove me to leave that registration page up for 3 hours.  Same result.

I wrote MULTIPLE (yes, I’m that free) e-mails to Pizza Hut to let them know of the registration problem.  I got ZERO responses.  I called up Pizza Hut (for my manual orders) and told them of the issues.  They informed me they were aware of it and had no solution.

I HAVE FOUND THE SOLUTION!  (At least for Internet Explorer 8.0 users).

  1. Start Internet Explorer in “InPrivate” mode (CTRL-SHIFT-P or click on the “Page” dropdown)
  2. Go to
  3. Enable “Compatibility View” (click on the “Page” dropdown and select “Compatibility View” or click on the icon to the right of the URL / address box)
  4. Click “No” on the Security Warning that comes up asking “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?”
  5. Register for a new account

Result: Success!

Pizza Hut may have fixed their page so these steps are all unnecessary, but every time I tried before, it failed.  With these steps, registration worked.

Now let’s see if my pizza shows up on time.

Pizza Hut Singapore owes me.

(Written on the HP Mini 1000 while waiting for the pizza to be delivered)