I’m on the airplane, flying across the International Date Line as I type this.  Finished watching “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” for the third time.  It has a great soundtrack; I suppose one could say it’s all indie bands.

I had an amusing conversation with my ex-girlfriend about music while at dinner the other night.  She had always been passionate about what she was listening to.  A connoisseur of independent music – who had that trait that many music lovers do… they turn up their nose at other people’s music.  Very much a “Your music is so uncool that it offends me that you listen to it.”  Similar to how one may be apprehensive talking about their favorite wine with a sommelier, the thought of mentioning a band I liked to my ex was coupled with fear of her tearing into my mass-market, did-I-just-listen-to-the-Walmart-clerk-recommendation-to-find-this behind.

She was telling me about a guy she dated recently and how he was an even bigger music snob than her, and that prompted her to apologize for how she acted in the past.  YES!  This is why I am friends with ex’s… even years after we have dated I can still get pleasure from one admitting fault!  (I’m kidding).

Anyway, after watching Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, I am pleased with myself for being able to identify the majority of bands whose music is used.  Band of Horses, Modest Mouse, The National, The Raveonettes… score for me!

Now where’s that Blink-182 on my Zune player…

(Written on the HP Mini 1000 on the plane heading to JAPAN!  4 hours and 30 minutes until touchdown and a Narita Express ride away from su-su-sushi) Tags: ,,
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