Next time

I went to dinner with my ex-girlfriend tonight.  It was very nice.  We go out to the same restaurant almost every time I come back to Seattle.  It leaves me feeling nostalgic

After I walked her back to the car, I strolled around downtown for awhile.  It was cold but not too cold.

I got back to the hotel and in the elevator met a girl who had just checked in. She had her luggage with her.

I don’t remember what she said. It was something along the lines of, “Hello, how are you, I am visiting Seattle.” I liked her right away.  You know, in that manner how some people get hooked on someone after they have said only one sentence.

I thought about asking her for a drink or to go for a walk.  But I didn’t and I got off on the floor where my room is at.

Now I’m in my pajamas with the heater cranked up drifting off to sleep.

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  1. Posted by nilia on March 12, 2009 at 1:20 am

    she may very well be blogging about how she’d thought of asking you out for drinks, but snuggled in bed instead.
    well…. theres always tomorrow..


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