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Are we there yet?

Looks like i have finally adjusted to the time zone difference between Singapore and Seattle.  Just in time to leave in 3 days where I can mess up my body clock again while I’m in Japan.  I suppose everything else is messed-up in Japan anyway so my physical spirit being scrambled shouldn’t be too much of a difference.  Perhaps it will even enhance the trip.  Speaking of the Japanese, one of our Microsoft MVPs came to the conference party dressed as a French maid. I think the theme was supposed to be “Rock Star”.  As he was an older Japanese man, it was a little strange to see him dressed in the black and white short-dress outfit.  Hot.

I’ve been nonstop on the go for a little over a week.  Let me tell you – while it was great to see the family this past weekend (first time all the uncles and aunts had gotten together in probably 15+ years), it’s incredibly tiring to fly in and fly out of a city.  I landed in Los Angeles, went straight to the dinner area, and then to an uncle’s house to sleep.  Alas my dad had no idea where he was going so we drove around for much longer than necessary.  Woke up at 5 AM in the morning (Daylight Savings Time), headed to the airport, and flew back to Seattle – where it was snowing.

Being back in Los Angeles re-affirmed my dislike for the city.  I know it’s supposed to be the land of bright lights and big dreams, but reality displays more concrete underpasses, scorched brown hills, sporadic oil drills, and bizarre combinations of English & Spanish than anything else.  I’ve always felt that the ‘feel’ of Los Angeles was that of people on the way down while in New York CIty it feels like the energy is those on the up and up.

The Seattle experience this time has been schitzophrenic.  I step outside to take a break from the meetings and it’s nice and peaceful… falling snow, a bit of a chill, mountains in the background, and best of all very quiet.  Walk back into the office and it’s colleagues cursing and arguing and honestly sometimes talking about god-knows-what.

Speaking of that… my bus has arrived at the Microsoft campus and it’s time to put the thinking cap on.

(Written on the HP Mini 1000 on Seattle Metro’s 217 during the morning commute.  I need some coffee.) Tags: ,
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Cartoon haiku


Early evening
Cartoon re-runs on TV
I miss my young days

(Written on the HP Mini 1000 in front of the TV in the hotel room after a long day of work)

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