A time-filler

I’ve been here in Seattle for a few days, participating in the MVP Global Summit.  It just ended and I have about an hour break before a week full of internal Microsoft meetings commence.  I am jet-lagged and tired.  Meeting up with MVPs = fun.  Meeting with internal Microsoft teams… well, not quite as fun (but there are exceptions).

Listening to a little music while traveling helps keep me sane.  Back in the hotel room I’m streaming Death Cab for Cutie’s album “Narrow Stairs” while drinking hot tea.  Old age, here I come.

(My favorite song on that album is “Your New Twin Sized Bed” – so delightfully melancholy)

I start feeling restless when I go on long trips.  I feel like life is passing me by.

Minor pet peeve – when people say, “You’re so lucky you are going on a trip for work!” There is a vast difference between a work trip and a vacation.

Okay, time to close my eyes for a few minutes and listen to Death Cab.

Written sleepily on the HP Mini 1000

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  1. How much music do you buy a month?

    CD or just online store download?


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