From Row 58

Well, here I am back on the road again.  This time on my way to Seattle for two weeks of work and then a few days in Japan on my way back for vacation.  I can taste the sushi and sake now.  Actually I can’t – Japan seems so far away and the nonstop work meetings that await in Seattle loom large.

I’m writing this from the first class of economy class.  Lucky enough to get a 4-seat row all to myself on the Tokyo –> Los Angeles leg.  Words can not begin to describe my joy when I asked the counter agent if I could be seated in an empty row.  The flight from Singapore to Tokyo was totally full so I was not expecting a positive answer.  But now here I am, King of Row 58 on SQ 12.

It was a very pleasant two months of no work travel and better than that, no jet lag. Looking at my calendar for the next couple weeks, I see the meetings that are scheduled for 3 AM Singapore time starting almost immediately after I land.

I think it’s snowing in Seattle.  My “fashion” while flying tends to be loose-fitting clothes – t-shirt, jacket, shorts, and flip-flops. Comfort mode.  It doesn’t work so well when landing in destinations that are freezing.  I remember one trip to Korea where I had to transfer to the domestic terminal… little did I know that the domestic terminal was a different airport that you had to take a bus to.  Waiting outside in below freezing temperatures in aforementioned wear was bone-chilling.  I know some people have this mentality that one should dress up when flying, but I don’t see how that is practical for long journeys.

I decided to try out using the HP Mini 1000 (thank you again – Edelman!) as my machine for this trip.  So for the next 3 weeks I’m looking at a 10-inch screen and smaller keyboard… but much lighter-weight and I think that’s going to be a nice change for when I’m moving between various conference rooms / airports / hotels / etc. I *think* I’ve got all the work data and programs I need installed on this machine.

So far I’ve watched Slumdog Millionaire, Body of Lies, and Twilight.  I don’t understand all the hype around Twilight. Why are the high school girl and this 17-year-old-going-on-93 vampire so in love with each other?  I guess I didn’t see how their relationship developed. She walked into Biology class and stood next to him at the lab table… no words were exchanged… and then a few days later they are professing their eternal love for each other.  How did that happen?  Then again back in freshman year I remember having a science partner that was quite attractive.  Sadly there was no chemistry between us.  (Get it? Ha! Man I’m funny).

In conclusion I would like to say this is flight 28734876 of never having been seated next to a hot girl.

(Written on the HP Mini 1000 while listening to Yo La Tengo’s “Season of the Shark”)

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Marise on March 1, 2009 at 11:09 am

    4-seat row all to yourself! NICE!
    Since you’re packed with meetings, will you have time to stop by 36 this time?


  2. saya sudah melakukan tips poin 2 dan 3 untuk point 1 menyusul , Aerona


  3. mantap banget ini infonya :) ,


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