gets a silver

Last year I co-hosted a show called on Channel News Asia.  It was a lot of fun.  My co-host was Phin Wong, an editor for MediaCorp’s daily Today paper, and every week we would have a different topic to talk about that related to young adults.  What I personally enjoyed was being pushed to think about issues that would never come up in my daily job (where most of my thoughts are focused) and also getting to meet the various guests on each episode.

Congratulations to the production team for winning a silver at the New York Festivals.  The producers do all the legwork for the show… researching the topics, finding guests, and preparing “homework” for the presenters to learn and utilize during the discussion.  The episode that won the silver was about Sex Education and was filmed at Jurong Junior College.  I remember a spirited discussion, some very forward students, and a pretty teacher.

Phin and I dressed up before the episode about whether Singapore was ready to accept a female prime minister.  The ever helpful Soon Ling was probably yelling at us or criticizing my tie.

Go to for the most recent season hosted by Phin and The Flying Dutchman.  (And while we won an award for the “Sex Education” episode, I hear they might be in a bit of trouble for their “Am I gay” ep!)

Written on the HP Mini 1000 after a Microsoft all-hands meeting to talk about the recent layoffs.  Conveniently scheduled for 1 in the morning here in Singapore.


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  1. i cannot help but wonder how do you cope with your day job and all the other interesting stuff you’re involved in…

    how do you keep up? i can barely keep up with my day job! :P


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