My petrified liver

After a bout of drinking that would have put Don Draper (of Mad Men) to shame, I find myself slowly recovering on this Sunday night.  Sitting in my recently cleaned living room, I finally have a clear path to the window – which means I can open it and enjoy the breeze.

Recently I have been the lucky recipient of some freebies.  I had thought dear old Santa Claus had forgotten me (it was a very sad Christmas this year!) but it turns out he was just postponing things to make my 2009 start off bright.

Santa – also known as the folks at Edelman – have provided me with a HP Mini 1000 notebook.  I wanted to ask why but I have learned that when people offer you gifts, especially things like a computer, you should accept without question.  This lesson was reinforced last night as I was paying to go into a club.  Awhile ago I was offered a membership, which I declined (I think the idea of being a “member” at a nightlife place is strange to me), and while forking over 35 dollars at the door I regretted it.  Whoops.

Anyway, yes, I have a new computer!  I shall dub it the writing laptop and I will do things that writers do… such as go to cafes, drink coffee, and write in view of other people (cause if you’re writing and no one is seeing you can you still be called a writer?).  More about that at a later time when I am properly writing something.

Another “free” thing happened this weekend.  A woman’s magazine wanted to ask a few guys questions that “every woman wants to know.”  In order to ensure that we were providing honest answers, they gave us a lot of alcohol.  I must say, Heat at Royal Plaza on Scotts Road makes a very good mojito.  They put lychees in it. The drinks:

1 pint of beer
2 mojitos
3 tequila shots
1 AK-47
1 Long Island Iced Tea
1 dry martini

After that I was ready to talk.

Note – I have installed Internet Explorer 8 on this HP Mini.  I feel I should get some tech cred props.


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  1. the laptop looks good! ive been thinking of this hp too :)


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