I am at the airport and my foot is asleep

I’m sitting at another airport. Newark airport.  Not a pretty place. Unsurprising, since this is north New Jersey after all.  This part of the state is probably more apt to be described as a New York City suburb rather than part of the Garden State (south New Jersey).  Kind of like how the parts of Malaysia just over the border are commuter cities for people who work in Singapore.

American public bathrooms are a disgrace.  They need something like Singapore’s toilet organization to come in here and clean things up (literally and figuratively).

I think one of the worst feelings one can have on a trip is when they find out their flight is full and that they have a middle seat.  This is what has happened to me.  I have 2 hours to sit here and think about how I am going to be crammed in between people (neither of which will be attractive) for the 12 hour flight to Tokyo.

I didn’t sleep last night.  At all.

I looked for a Starbucks at the airport, I thought I could get into the holiday spirit by getting one of their seasonal lattes.  Plus it would keep me awake before getting on the plane.  Unfortunately there was no Starbucks.  But there was a Seattle’s Best Coffee.  I ordered a gingerbread latte.  They asked if I wanted whipped cream.  “Just like the picture?”  “Yes please!”  Then they ran out of whipped cream.  Sadness all around.

Did you know the average age of flight attendants on Singapore Airlines and Emirates Air is around 26 while the average age of flight attendants on American airlines is around 40?  When I was in Orlando there was an article about how Emirates Air is still aggressively recruiting and that a lot of their staff are young and attractive.  The article talked about how some Emirates (and probably SQ’s) criteria are sexist or discriminatory.

I like Singapore Airlines.  I turn a blind eye to their recruiting and interviewing process.

I’ve had a bookmark in my Internet Explorer favorites for an article about “The 5 Most Retarded Causes People are Actually Fighting For.”  I found that article funny.  I’ve been meaning to write about it and relate it to the group of students who are trying to ban the practice of saving seats in food courts by using packets of tissues.  That is a stupid cause.  I think goofing off and playing video games is more productive than this tissue seat endeavor.

12 hours to Tokyo.  3 hours or so to Korea after that. 1.5 hours from the airport to the hotel. Then I can get internet access and post this blog entry.  And take a long hot shower and sleep.  That will be nice.

Do you ever feel the word “nice” gets a bad rap?  I like using the word.  I had a girlfriend who hated it when I said that things were “nice.”  In general I think most people think the word “nice” does not connote anything.  That it’s innocuous.  A non-committal answer.  When I say nice I mean exactly that – something is nice.

I’ve observed during this trip is that Americans disembark planes much slower than Asians.  Wait, re-phrase – people tend to get off flights that land intra-Asia faster than flights that are domestic US.  It annoys me.  It’s not nice to sit on an airplane longer than necessary.

When I get back to Singapore in a few days I am looking forward to the humidity.  It will let my dry skin heal.  I am tired of applying lotion and being itchy.

I ate at Citrus restaurant in the Upper West Side last night.  Supposed to be a good place.  I got served a pork chop which was a thick slab of dry cardboard.  Very disappointing.  The scallops, however, were tasty.

I wonder why the Concorde never got more popular.  Aside from its high ticket prices, the ability to travel at supersonic speed seems very attractive.

I wonder if the people who look happy in the airport are flying to see their family or flying away from them.

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