Home again

Well, a week later and I’ve left Seoul, traipsed through New York City, and arrived in Florida.  It’s always good to be home.  The quiet American suburb.

I went 48 hours without a shower upon leaving Korea.  Early morning flight, 5 hours in Tokyo (where I had a run-in with one of the airport shopping staff… trying to return a shirt I bought back in April that they had given me the wrong size for), and then the long flight to New York.  Upon landing I dropped my bags off at my friend’s apartment, changed, and rushed to get to my friend’s wedding reception in Brooklyn.

A good time ensued.

Perhaps too good of a time… stayed up too late and got so tired that I slept in my clothes on the sofa… waking up just a few minutes before the shuttle to the airport arrived.

Sadly this is when I noticed my wallet was gone.

But I had to rush, so off I went to the airport and flew home to Florida.  In the same clothes from the night before and still unshowered from Korea.

When I got home, priority #1 was to take a hot shower… and standing under that stream of water was like standing in heaven itself.

Now I am overseas with no cash, no credit cards, no access to money… a right pickle of a situation to be in.  With a return through New York City and Seoul for a few days before Singapore.  Boy I hope American Express lives up to their word about rushing me a new credit card.

Some snapshots (mainly of food) from Korea:

Korean BBQ!  Intestines are on the grill… and they tasted delicious.  Perfect texture and covered with a sweet sauce.

Ice skating outside the Hyatt

Lobby of POSCO Center – the building where the Microsoft office is


3 responses to this post.

  1. I hope everything works out by now!!!


  2. Oh my. It sounds like such an adventure — no bath and no wallet. I hope things get better for you.


  3. You’re blogging. Hope that is a sign that you’re getting your “bits and bytes” back.


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