New releases!

Exciting times for the Zune and Xbox 360 products at Microsoft.  While our stock price(well, all stocks in the world) heads into the toilet, at least we can entertain ourselves with music and games.

Zune Pass subscribers get 10 songs to keep per month – This is great.  With the Zune Pass I can download tons of albums (legally) and try out lots of new music.  And as long as I keep paying the subscription fee, I can listen to the music.  The bad thing is if I ever stop paying the subscription, all my music goes away.  Now they are offering 10 songs (of my choice) free to keep each month.  So I can steadily build my permanent music library with the Zune Pass.  Unfortunately this is not available in Asia… but if you have a US credit card, you can use it. :)


The “New Xbox Experience” has gone live and is transforming the Xbox 360 into an entertainment hub rather than just a game-playing device.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such a revamp of a user interface for an existing product.

USA Today Article

Seattle Times


New UI, Netflix integration, ability to install a game to the hard drive, avatars, and more.  I’m curious how the “Primetime” events will work out.


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