Goa, Goa, Gone

I am writing this after eating way too much gulab jamun, the sticky sweet Indian dessert.  So much sugar that I can feel it scratching against the back of my eyeballs while also turning the inside of my stomach into rock crystal.

I am currently in the state of Goa, India attending the India MVP Open Day.  Have met a ton of new people and been talking a lot of tech.

From what I’ve read in the past, the image I had of Goa was that it was full of aged hippies with straggly hair and tie-dyed sarongs puttering about on scooters while eating banana pancakes and trying to discover spirituality.  Perhaps that exists but I am in the southern part of Goa where it is much more resort-like (well, exactly like a resort since we have been in the resort almost the whole time).

I should extend my stay here and explore the area more, but I have a lot of travel coming up and am missing my messy apartment back in Singapore.  So… really seeing Goa will have to wait for another time.  I have Guitar Hero: World Tour and Fallout 3 waiting to comfort me when I get back to S’pore.

And my favorite time of year is coming!  The period between Thanksgiving (in the US) and the new year… where everyone is forced to be happy by the constant Christmas carols, the blinking colorful lights, and random “holiday” food and drink concoctions that are only available this period.  Yes, the Christmas spirit and jubilation is all manufactured but it still makes me feel good.

I’ll experience a winter wonderland as well as the tropical Christmas-time… trips to Seoul, New York City, Orlando, and back to Singapore all await in December.

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