Random tech news

Browsing through the tech news:

Xbox 360 Dashboard upgrade coming November 19.  Definitely exciting – Netflix integration, avatars, and a better user interface for finding content on the Xbox Live Marketplace as well as stored within your Xbox 360.

I’ve been on the beta for the dashboard and I find I have been doing much more with my Xbox 360 (and consequently spending a lot of time playing video games or watching videos… is that bad?).

Google stock is getting crushed.  Blame it on the economy but I think also blame it on their attempted partnership with Yahoo.  Yahoo is like a STD.  Get into bed with it, its effects linger for awhile.  When Steve Ballmer announced that Microsoft wanted to buy Yahoo, Microsoft’s stock tanked.  Google (thank goodness they jumped into the fray) decides to pursue the partnership… voila.  Dead stock.  Might be a good time to buy both Microsoft and Google stock.

Android is buggy.  “Type reboot in a message and your phone will reboot.”  For some reason I find this very funny.  Google has since fixed the bug.  I wonder if it’s a smart strategy by them having almost every single “product” labeled as Beta.  Absolves them from blame, I suppose.  “Use at your own risk”

Microsoft is stealing Apple’s Mojo – Ok, that’s just the headline from an Informationweek blog.  Talks about a lot of the positives around Windows 7.  Aiming for a release in latter half of 2009.

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