Lisbon, Portugal

It has been one heck of a week.

Florida, Washington DC, New York City, and now Lisbon, Portugal. Got here about 4 hours ago after what seemed like an eternity from NYC. Though it was only 12 hours. The problem of not being able to sleep on the plane plus sitting around Frankfurt bored out of my mind while jet-lagged made it seem longer than it should have been.


When I told people I was coming to Lisbon, many of them said to me that the girls are ugly (hairy – that’s one of the traits they pointed out) and that the food is awful.

Not that I have had long here, and perhaps I’m suffering from “Wow! New country, everything is great!” syndrome but I have to say that what those people said have turned out to be untrue!

The girls here are gorgeous. Spanish / Latin facial features and incredibly curvy bodies. I have always wondered whether Latin women are the best looking (I remember going gaga in Argentina) and being here in Portugal is cementing that idea in my head. Gorgeous!

For dinner I had an appetizer of smoked ham with melon, a steak, and then a hybrid potato chip / thick potato. This potato-thing was delicious. I could eat a whole meal of it. Basically it looks like a potato chip, and the edges feel like a potato chip (i.e. crispy), but it gets thicker and softer towards the middle and it turns into something like a soft-scalloped potato. If I brought this potato perfection to Singapore I am sure I would have a hit on my hand.

So yes, so far I am liking Lisbon. The only issue looks to be how steep the city is. Hills galore and some areas you have to climb up stairs rather than walk up streets since it is too steep. So the idea of a relaxing stroll maybe have to be re-thought.


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